YWWL Online Program.

Motivation. Accountability. Knowledge. Support. 



Once you join the program, you will be part of the online community. This private Facebook group will become your source of motivation, support, inspiration and accountability.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions, get meal ideas and have easy access to online support.

Online Meetings

Every week, a video will be posted to the Facebook group, featuring one or both of your motivational coaches.  Topics will range from practical weight loss solutions to those that are focused on mindset. We will modify the topics covered based on questions and comments we hear from you, our online member.


After joining, you will receive an email from your designated mentor. At the time, you will be provided with all the information you need to get started on your weight loss journey. You will be in contact with your mentor weekly, via email, to check send-in your progress. If at any time however you have questions, you can reach out to your mentor via email.  Your mentor becomes your main conduit to YWWL and will be your source of accountability for your weekly weigh-ins. 


YWWL Facebook community group is full of successful members who will encourage, support and inspire. These are real people with many of the same experiences you may be faced with. Members can't help but feel inspired by the stories, journeys, successes, and to be honest- their struggles too. This group is very active, and as a community will empower you to be the best version of yourself.


You will be getting some guidance about setting some goals for yourself. Your mentor and the Facebook community group will help you formulate goals that are specific to you. Goals will be nutrient-specific, and can be modified throughout your weight loss journey.  We believe in the importance of taking charge of your own healthy lifestyle. Through YWWL you will become knowledgeable, confident and most importantly, healthy!

Start-up information

The start-up information you receive upon joining includes tools and tips on how to get started, an explanation of our five pillars of success, an easy to use formula for calorie counting, strategies on how to make better food choices, a list of our go-to clean eats and a BMI (Body-mass index) chart.

Motivation & Support

Motivation goes a long way when making lifestyle changes, and we are there every step of the way. We will help you cultivate a healthy mindset and develop your inner motivation.