I am a very faithful Shediac member since January 2nd 2016. Since then, I have lost over 125 lbs!!

The reason why this time have worked for me is simple... I do it MY way without being alone in my journey. I have 24/7 support and motivation with the FB community. I am accountable each Saturday morning at the weigh in and meeting. I choose what I eat. I love what I eat. I made small sustainable changes along the way that works for ME. I know that this is now my life... and I’m loving every minute of it.

A special shout out to Josée and Alicia for being amazing leaders and to my husband for always being there for me..

Join us ! You will not regret it !



I joined YWWL in January 2017. I am a Riverview member. I have been maintaining a 57lbs loss since January 2018!

The biggest reason I have been successful this time, is that with YWWL you get the support, encouragement and no judgement!! You are doing it YOUR way for YOU!! They work on your mindset, so essentially your mind and confidence grow as your body shrinks!!

With YWWL I have a new “Family/Army” that fills my bucket!! New Friendships have made this journey EPIC!!

Definitely the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself!



I joined July 2017, over 80lbs lost. 

I started online when living in Yellowknife, now living in Miramichi.

I feel like my success this time is because of three things: the amazingly supportive community, the accountability and the change in mindset thanks to our amazing leaders and their awesome meetings.



Joined August 6, 2017, I am an online member from Grand Falls, NB.

Total lost: 93lbs 
(47lbs before YWWL, 46lbs w/YWWL)

I believe I was successful this time because YWWL gave me the tools I needed to develop a strong and healthy mindset. I realized that this is not at all a diet but a way of life and it also taught me to really enjoy and appreciate the journey!!! You do not have to be miserable, starve or deprive yourself to lose weight!!! I am proof of that!!! My relationship with food and the scale is a healthy one now, and really, I mean, how awesome is it that I get to eat the foods I choose, and love!!! My journey has been about NUTRITION only, no exercising involved! It can be done!!! Accountability, consistency, and balance is what worked for me!! Support from our mentors, and the YWWL community is quite simply AMAZING! You never feel alone and the online weekly meetings that are offered to us are a MUST! They speak to us directly and make us stronger every single day! I truly love YWWL and everything it stands for! I am thankful every day that our paths crossed!!!



I joined Sept 2017
So far I have lost 53 lbs
I am a Riverview member

I am successful this time because I get to do this my way. No tricks, no gimmicks, no magic formula to make me lose weight quickly. The process is sometimes slow but that only means it’s sustainable. Be better, not perfect. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet..



I joined YWWL online Jan/18 after having lost 24 lbs on my own & wanted the extra support & accountability. After 6 months I made the decision to switch from online & now go to meetings in Riverview. I have lost 93.9 lbs with YWWL & 117.9 lbs in total. The reason I believe this time I have been successful is that I promised myself that this time was it! This time I was not going to quit! I was used to quitting & that is no longer an option. YWWL has helped me to work on changing my mindset by seeing how I used to view myself, my unhealthy relationship with food, self love & so much more. I totally feel like a different person and finally feel like I am in control of my life.



I joined YWWL in May 2017
I have lost a total of 44lbs with YWWL (and a total of 57lbs since the beginning of my journey). Went from Obese class 1 to Healthy BMI

The main reasons I have been successful this time around is because I focused on the long term goals of being better and healthier rather than the short term of loosing weight only.
I stopped the excuses and focused on being a positive human being, a creature of habits and consistency. Accountability in getting weighed and assisting to weekly meetings (or listening to them online) but also in reaching out to other members or posting on the group has also played an immense role in my journey.

The YWWL community and it's leaders have literally changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful.



Hi, I'm a Shediac member.I joined in January 2017 and I lost a total of 51 lbs which I've been maintaining since June 2017.

I have many health issues that typically cause or are related to weight gain such as hypothyroidism ,B12 deficiency,anxiety and sleep apnea

For me YWWL works because it keeps me accountable with the support of the group .Also the fact that this is not a diet means i can do it MY way so it makes it sustainable .The program helped me trust the process when i didn't believe i could do the changes i wanted for myself !! It has really changed my mindset,so i can now live a healthy lifestyle.



Start day :Feb 5 2018
Total lost 96.4
I'm an online member from Riverview. 
I think the reason this time is different is because when I started this journey I made the choice that this time was it. I decided i wasn't going to make any changes unless it was something i could keep up with the rest of my life. With the help from the weekly videos and keeping accountable with weekly check ins I have grown so much on this journey. Can't wait to see what's in store next.



I joined on January 18th, 2018, two weeks after giving birth to my second child. I’ve lost 57 lbs since January and 84 lbs from my heaviest weight back in 2012.

I’m a Shediac member and I attend weekly meetings. I know this is a big part of the reason why I’m successful.

During my second pregnancy, I felt a shift in me. I wanted more for myself and for my family. I was finally ready to commit to the idea of being the best possible version of myself. It is so empowering to take control of the food and habits that led me to a point where I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Since joining YWWL, I have never felt trapped in a diet or like I “can’t” eat what others are having. Making small lasting changes has created a new lifestyle where my meals excite me. I love that my new routine includes time where I make myself a priority by planning and prepping my meals and by being active.

The support found in the YWWL community plays an important role in my ongoing journey to health and happiness. People are always so kind and positive. The wealth of knowledge everyone contributes is priceless. Thank goodness for accountability buddies!

Being mom to a toddler and a baby, it would be easy to make excuses for being unhealthy but I didn’t want that life anymore. I wanted the person people saw, to finally be the reflection of who I was inside. This journey isn’t always easy but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is ALWAYS worth it. 



I joined online in January 2017, Upper Kingsclear NB.
Why I'm successful this time around: 
-I'm eating better, not less. 
-I'm taking care of my mental health (stress!!!!!) by hitting the gym and by running (added bonus: muscles and toned body). 
-I'm consistent and balanced most days.
-I have a gym, running and meal prep buddy at home, my amazing husband.
-By eating 6 meals per day I'm never hangry, therefore making poor choices.
-My new found friends in YWWL keep me accountable and motivated.
-There are no bad foods. There are no bad times to eat. No restrictions. You choose your restrictions. You make your own choices. It's your way.



I’ve been a member since January 7th, 2017 when the Riverview location first opened in the original spot.

I’ve lost a total of about 30lbs with YWWL, and at times, the journey has been painfully frustrating for me. I don’t lose big numbers like some, and I’ve been involuntarily maintaining since February of this year. Not that maintaining is bad, but I have more goals I want to achieve. I guess I’m getting ready for maintenance. But, even though my journey hasn’t been as “easy” or as “fast” as some other people’s journeys, I couldn’t be happier with the lifestyle and health changes I’ve made for myself. After about 2 years I’m maintaining roughly 30lbs and still losing (very, very slowly).

When Josée decided to expand her business and took on Alicia as a partner, I took it as a sign that I finally had to see for myself what this program was because more and more people were talking about. No longer did I have the excuse that I couldn’t drive to Shediac every week because it was too much gas or too far. I’ve never been a person with much confidence or self esteem before, so I wanted something that would last and actually work this time, so I could start feeling good in my own skin. So I joined in Riverview, where I’m also from. It has been the best decision ever!!

The reason I think I was successful this time, was because this program is not just about a “quick fix”. So often before I think I was searching for a magical solution that would happen over night. Truth is, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes an extreme amount of hard work, determination, time, patience, consistency, and motivation. I’m successful because I’ve learned so much about health, nutrition and exercise from this program, but mostly I’ve learned that I have to do it “my way” in order to enjoy the process and enjoy life and I’ve developed a strong enough mindset to realize that even during the toughest times, it’s not over and there is no giving up. Accountability and this fantastic community of people with like-minded goals have encouraged me and helped me a great deal through this process. I think the biggest thing that was missing for me was not having the right mindset to keep pushing when things got tough, or the right people to support my lifestyle. Now, this is for life, it’s a HUGE part of my life, and I’m going along for the ride until the very end


Rachelle and Victor

Joined Ywwl January 2017, in Shediac
Victor -80lbs 
Rachelle -91lbs

Our journey to health started in January 2013 just by changing our eating habits we managed to lose some weight In January 2017 we both joined YWWL to be accountable each week and have the support of this amazing group of people .
What worked for us is eating what we liked and being accountable each week . Getting weight and staying for the meetings . Food prep is a must in our house , getting home after work and having supper all ready is a life saver for us . Working on our mindset . Saturday we have a few treats and Sunday is back on track . Planning our meals for the week ahead on Sundays . We both reached our healthy BMI and maintaining. Best decision we ever made was join YWWL .



Date ish joined : January 2016

Total ish lost: 49.8 lbs

Im a Shediac member.

First picture is at my heaviest, second pic is this summer when I reached my 49.8 lbs... and third is at 18 weeks pregnant (which I have gained 8 lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy to me is a reasonable amount for this new part in my journey)

I’m still successful with YWWL because it changed the way I see myself and made me believe that I can actually do this for life. They have helped me realized to set small attainable goals to feel successful achieving them one by one. Consistency is key. To change what I want to change and what I'm willing to change for the rest of my life.

In other words, i have learned how to follow a sustainable meal plan that I chose. Eat the foods I love, that I like to be a healthy person not only for the number on the scale but the way it makes me feel. To be hard on myself at the right time and be gentle with myself when I need it. Especially now that I'm expecting its definitely testing my new mindset and what I have learned with YWWL anyone can benefit from this program.

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