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At 46, Lise had it all figured out. Two kids, wonderful husband, and a great job. She was a giver. The kind that had forgotten how to take care of herself through the years.
Most didn’t know how limited and unhappy her excess weight and lack of health made her feel. To everyone, she seemed happy and satisfied.
Her 230 lbs body made her feel tired and in physical pain. Playing with her kids was way harder than it should be.
She started to avoid social events because she felt embarrassed of her current weight.
The thought of joining another unsustainable diet made her feel even more hopeless. ‘’Been there; done that’’. Tired of feeling tired but feeling so far gone that any true success felt out of reach.
She started exercising but quickly realized that her habits and knowledge on weight loss needed improvement in order for the scale to move.

Coming across YWWL in 2017 came as a sign for her. ‘’I will be able to choose what I eat? I will create my lifestyle? Wow, this is different.’’
She was ready for different. She was ready to be better. She was ready for no more timelines, no more numbers and no more pressure.
Her dedication to doing it right was a priority of hers. She wanted this to be the last time she tried to lose weight and boy did she ever prove to herself that she was doing it for the right reasons. She was ready to love herself again.
Today she as lost 88 lbs and keeps it off. ‘’Finally, who I am inside is shining outside’’.
Now at 142 lbs, feeling comfortable in her body is an everyday feeling. She even discovered a love for running. ‘’What a feeling!’’
She learned how to re-evaluate and adjust her lifestyle when her reality changes, instead of giving up. No more drama, no more noise in her head.
‘’I have created a better relationship with food and my body. I am now recognizing my self worth.’’
At 49, she now feels fully satisfied with her life.
‘’I feel strong, confident and simply limitless. I am in the best shape of my life. I will never have to diet again and I am forever grateful to YWWL!’’


Mel has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember. ‘’It’s always been a problem, always!’’
She had tried it all and frankly felt like she knew it all.  ‘’Exercise and eat fruits and veggies! Pretty simple’’.
In 2011, at the age of 24, she lost about 50 pounds following a weight loss diet. ‘’I was working out every day and eating healthy!’’

Without knowing why, she completely stopped and gained it all back and then some! The guilt kept piling on, and she would repeat this cycle for years! ‘’I would lose 30 pounds, feel great, but then stop whatever I was doing and gain it back! I must have done this at least 3-4 times! Gaining more every time afterwards! When I joined YWWL I was at my biggest and had gained probably 80-85 pounds since 2011.’’

In 2019, after creeping YWWL for a while, she was still so skeptical to join yet another weight loss program. ‘’I don’t know what exactly made me join but one Saturday morning, I took out my credit card and joined for 6 months! I was 234 lbs, I knew I needed to give this time!’’
She took 4-5 days to get familiar with the program. She took notes from recipes from other members that she wanted to try and made herself a meal plan! ‘’I was so excited to just do this my way and be able to keep it simple. I like simple.’’

She then started to watch videos. ‘’Like ALL the videos and meetings! I was overwhelmed at first, but it got so much easier as I went on!’’

She started to realize how much YWWL was helping her learn about true weight loss success. ‘’I really enjoyed listening to them, they completely changed my way of thinking.’’
When her 6-month membership was due to renew there was no question in her mind that she was continuing her journey. ‘’I just could not believe the success I was having without any feeling of restriction or deprivation. It just didn’t feel hard with YWWL.’’
At 33, this mom realizes how losing 95 lbs allows her to live her life fully. ‘’ This is a lifelong program; it goes beyond your weight loss journey.’’

At 139 lbs, she can’t remember the last time she has felt so in control of her health and of her life. ‘’I am so happy to be done with dieting and I am so proud of the Mel that made that first step in 2019! Your story is one click away.’’.

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